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Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is a critical operation where a failing heart gets replaced with a healthier donor heart. The donor's heart is the one who still has a healthy heart after their death. The treatment is performed for those patients whose condition does not change with constant medications and surgeries.

The procedure ensures that those with a weakening heart, heart valve, coronary artery disease, and other heart ailments get a new life. Dr. Rajiv Passey has performed this procedure countless times without any complications.

How does a heart transplant take place?

Unlike other procedures, heart transplant surgery is a tricky procedure that may take several hours. In the case of a patient who has undergone multiple surgeries, the surgery is quite complex and takes a longer time.

You'll receive sedation that will make you sleep. Our specialists will connect your body to a heart-lung bypass machine. This ensures that you get oxygen-rich blood continuously.

Our surgeon will create an incision point in the chest. They will also open up your rib cage along with chest bone so that the transplant occurs flawlessly.

After that, our surgeon will remove the diseased heart and binds the donor heart to the exact location. The process will take place with blood vessels attached to the heart so that there is proper flow.